Hashima HN-2780G

Twin Head Conveyor type needle detector

Key Features

  • New global standard can detect 80mm ferrous ball with its new 120mm height sensor.
  • Now has Auto PreChecker, an innovative sensor checking system (Patent and trademark registration pending).

Twin Head Conveyor type needle detector

Key Features

New developed sensor

Ability for detection of foreign object is upgraded by new developed search coils and optimizing magnet position.

Previously, 0.8mm ferrous ball was only detected by 100mm height sensor. With this machine’s new 120mm height sensor system it’s possible to detect and catch 0.8mm ferrous balls.

Enlarged sensitivity equality

Dispersion sensitivity equaled, it makes “ Material effect “ decreased and products passage improved.

Large sized LCD

The blue LCD has improved the visibility and operatively, compared to our previous model. This has Enabled various setting such as the sensitivity, language mode, and etc. and can show current machine condition on the display as well.

Needle position indication

Machine inform us location of the broken needle, so you can find easier.

Foot switch and restart function

Equipped with a foot switch as standard equipment. And restart function is useful for starting the conveyor belt without pushing start button.

New convenient function for sensor test

For two head conveyor type needle detector, front sensor can be inactivated during rear sensor test.

Product counter

Product counter is now standard equipment.

Conveyor speed changing function

If machine catch sewing accessories, conveyor speed can be changed 3 steps to passage

Option printer

It can print the inspection record and counter result.

Product guider

Product guider is optional equipment on HN-870C,2870C, product guider is standard equipment on HN-780G, 2780G.

Auto PreChecker

Auto PreChecker makes sensor checking more accurate and quicker. By using PreCheck bar (Specialized test brock) & system, you do not need to check each coil one by one, the system checks sensor automatically. Also you can keep the PreCheck result if you prepare the optional printer.


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